Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Girl : HI ?
Boy : Hello !!
Girl : are you ok .

Boy : not realy . there is
sumthng runing in my mind !

Girl : wat is it . tell mee !!! :(

Boy: u always say that u trust
me a lot... ??

girl : yes .. i trust u ... ! bt what

Boy : If i ask u to jump down,
will u do it?

Girl: yes i will.
Boy: Why?

Girl : because i know you’ll
catch my hand n pull me up.

Boy: if i don’t then?

Girl: Then I’ll die with the belief that you tried Ur
best but
couldn’t save me..

Trust Is Must In Luv... ♥


Monday, November 26, 2012

* ♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥
想你░░░░░░░想你░░░░想你░░░░░░░想你░想你 想你想见你
想你░░░░想你░░░░想你░░想你░░░想你░░░想你 想你想见你
想你░░░░想你░░░░想你░░░想你 想你░░░░想你
想你想见你░想你想你░░░░░░░░想你░░░░░░想你 想你想见你
* ♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥
To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby. To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper. To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who just missed a train. To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask someone who just avoided an accident. To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal at the Olympics. Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time with. And remember time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why its called the present

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love love love love :)

Love means to see someone with closed eyes,
to miss someone in crowd,
to find someone in every thought,
to live for someone,
love someone,
But make sure that someone is ONLY one...!

I miss your cuddles
I miss your kisses
but most of all
I miss you !
The love i have will never change
as each day goes by
i will love you till the day i die...!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


1. A man won't let go if he really loves you.
- Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He does not love you and does not valu
e having you. Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves you. There is an
other reason he is not willing to tell.

2. Do not look for reasons why he ended the relationship.
- There is only one reason why he ended your relationship. He just does not love you. Do not waste your time thinking of reasons or what you should have done. Move on and be open to a man who will truly love you.

3. Do not get hang up on your past.
- Do not nag or distrust your current boyfriend just because your ex hurt you. Do not treat him or the relationship the same way. Do not compare. He will not react the same way as your ex. Do not be worried that your simple mistakes will cause him to look for another girl. What happened with your ex was not your fault. It was not because you didn't guard him enough or you didn't make him happy enough.

4. Do not look into images.
- How many times have you met a girl who didn't have the best image in school or at the office, but you get to know the girl and found out she was actually extremely nice? Do not rely on images. Oftentimes, it is far from reality. Do not fear men just because your "supposedly" perfect ex-boyfriend mistreated you.

5. Always have your own set of rules.
- Set your limits on how far you'd go for a guy. It's perfectly ok to give and do everything as long as it's worth it. And it’s worth it if the guy is treating you right.

6. Do not be scared to lose him.
- Don't be scared that he'll break up with you. Once you are afraid of losing him, you easily can be taken advantage. Be strong and if something is unacceptable, do not accept it and speak up.

7. Avoid calling your guy.
- It’' a guy thing. The relationship will definitely be better if it's the guy who's calling, not the girl. He will get tired of you if you keep on calling. He will lose interest and challenge. More so, he will get annoyed. But it's a girl thing also that your fingers get too itchy until you dial his number. But avoid as much as possible. Call only if really needed (like checking if your suspicions are reasonable).

8. There is a guy who will value you.
- There is a guy out there who can make you feel valued, appreciated, and loved. And I mean, not just during your first few weeks together. So don't lose hope. Don't settle for a lesbian if you are not attracted to women. There is a man out there who can love you like a girl can.
Also, do not believe him when he says it's just the way he really is. He's not the sweet or expressive-type. Remember during your first few weeks together? Where has that sweet guy gone? He simply is not that into you anymore.

9. Always be the only one, no matter what.
- Do not ever fall for a guy who has another girl, be it his wife, girlfriend, or any girl that he says he just can't get rid of for whatever reason. If you truly believe that he loves you and for some reason, he can't leave or let go of another girl, then you are no different from any ordinary mistress.

10. He must respect you.
- No matter how long the relationship has been, he should always show respect towards you.

11. If he fooled you, end it.
- Philandering once is enough. You can never trust nor respect the person again.

12. Never start a relationship the wrong way.
- Do not steal another girl's man, for whatever reason. Nor should you enter a relationship for the wrong reasons (loneliness, on the rebound, getting back at your ex, man-dependency, etc.) it is bound not to last. You will only end up wasting more years of your life.

13. Do not force yourself into a relationship.
- Do not get into a relationship just because your friends are getting impatient with your dating escapades and the one hasn't come yet. Do not choose who to say yes to based on superficial things like money, looks, cars, etc.. If you are even thinking of these things, you have not fallen in love yet.

14. Do not settle.
- If you are not happy anymore with your relationship, break up instantly. He will not stay with you forever no matter how upright he might seem to be. Eventually, he will also want love and happiness in his life.

15. A relationship has to have love.
- Love is the only thing that will push you to give your efforts into making the relationship work. And believe me, keeping a relationship requires genuine efforts of both parties.

16. Don't be afraid to be single.
- It's fun to be single, try it. You can go out whenever and wherever you want. You are free. You can date whomever you want and you get to go out for free! Do not get a boyfriend just for the sake of having one. Do not settle.

17. Be a good girl.
- Be a good girl to attract a good guy. Enter the relationship with sincere intentions. Take the guy and the relationship seriously with the plan of spending the rest of your life with that person (of course, this is after you had your bit of fun in your younger years). If you compare your flings from your real relationships, you will know that the latter makes you happier and more fulfilled.

18. Love without limits.
- Whether you loved and gave everything or loved but held out for some things, if the relationship ends, you still get hurt. But if you gave your everything, you were happy and you could say that it was worth it. If you didn't give your all, you get hurt for nothing.

19. You will get over him.
- Love is over-stated. Love eventually ends and you are free to love another.

20. Be the one.
- Act like you are the one. Don't be a nagger. Don't hinder his gimmicks. Don't give in to him too easily. Make him treat you as important. Don't be easy. Don't be like every other girl he had in his life.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Love is the light of all lights,
Guiding our poor, weary souls to the warmth of home.
It is the soft light of the new dawn,
A beauty ending the darkness of doubt and despair.
It is the soft caress of moonlight,
That blessed celestial power that poets sing of.
Perhaps it is a flame
A fire that burns the heart of the young and old alike.
It forgives that which only the heart can,
It does not taunt, nor laugh at pain, or misfortune.
A sweet kiss is it’s commerce, a touch its law.
Love never ends, but goes on eternally.
Death is no hindrance of love, it endures beyond all.
It is the fruit of life, God’s greatest gift to man,
For Adam was given Eve.
It parts the clouds of hate with joy.
Perhaps it is the ocean that crashes against the shores,
Or the shore itself, sometimes rough, but always home.
Maybe it is the tears a new mother cries,
Or the words lovers whisper when they are alone.
It triumphs against all odds against it.
Love is sincerity, serene and pure.
It is the hope of mankind, the light in the darkness...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

There was a blind girl who hated herself just
because she was blind. She hated everyone, except
her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her.
She said that if she could only see the world, she
would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her
and then she could see everything, including her
boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “now that you
can see the world, will you marry me?”

The girl was shocked when she saw that her
boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him.
Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote
a letter to her saying:

“Just take care of my eyes dear.”

This is how human brain changes when the status
changed. Only few remember what life was before,
and who’s always been there even in the most
painful situations

Gone are those days I was a kid when....

Pussy meant CAT,

Sex meant GENDER,

Dick was a NAME,

Bang was a SOUND,

SCREW was a
mechanical tool,

CLIMAX simply referred to an end.

DOGGY was just a dog

Scissors, wheelbarrow, missionary were just words

ROD was just an iron...

But Now that I'm grown up, I notice they just sound so weird in public every time i mention them, People say am Naughty....

Was my teacher lying or... Did i attend the wrong school????

Somebody help.

Epic conversation on facebook chat:

Boy: Call me darling..
GirL: Darling..:* 

B: Call me honey..
G: Honey.

B: For God's sake, 'CALL ME' you idiot...!>:O
G: Oh ok ok...!!

Can you try too hard to be productive?

Can you try too hard to be productive?
There are plenty of books, articles, and blog posts full of tips to help you squeeze just a little bit more productivity into your day. Maybe you’re trying to cut out TV, or you’re listening toWar and Peace on your commute, or you’ve started writing a novel in your lunch breaks…
Of course, all of those can be great ways to make the most of your time. But it’s easy to go too far. If you cram every minute of your day with “productive” activity, you may well end up less productive overall.
Here’s why.

You Risk Getting Sick

However important “being productive” is to you, your physical and mental health should come first. If you get sick because you’ve been working so hard (or end up suffering a breakdown) then you won’t be in a good position to meet any of your goals.
A healthy life is one which involves enough rest and play. That means getting seven – eight hours of sleep each night and enjoying some down-time (even if it feels “unproductive”). You’ll also want to make enough time to prepare and eat healthy meals.

You’ll Focus on the Wrong Things

If you’re constantly worrying about how productive you are, you’ll probably end up focusing on the wrong things. You might well prioritize easy tasks over important ones: after all, if you can check off 20 items on your list, that’s better than checking off 3 … right?
An obsession with productivity at all costs can also lead to short-term gains at the expense of the long-term. Sure, you might make a quick buck this month — but if you go about it the wrong way, you could cause yourself problems a year down the line.

You Won’t Work at Your Full Potential

If you’re racing through tasks in a bid to be more productive, you’ll start cutting corners. Of course, damping down any perfectionist tendencies is often a good thing — but lowering your standards and settling for second-best generally isn’t.
By focusing on one or two key projects, instead of half-a-dozen, you’ll be able to give each one the time, energy and attention it deserves. Sure, you might have to give up on your plan to write a best-selling novel and run a marathon and start your own business and redecorate your house all in one year — but you will have a much greater chance at actually succeeding in one or two of these goals.

How to Do Less, Starting Today

Perhaps you have a nagging sense that you’re trying to do too much — that productivity has become all about numbers and checklists, not about reaching goals that truly inspire and challenge you.
If you need to cut down your to-do list, here’s how to start:
  1. Look for any commitments that you can ditch (or at least get out of temporarily). Could someone else take over your role on a particular work project or in a local community group?
  2. Go through your current goals and decide which are your real priorities. Put all the others on hold for now. Once you complete a priority goal, you can add one of the others back in.
  3. Delegate more often. If there are tasks on your list that really need to be done — but not necessarily by you — then find someone else who can take them on. Depending on the task, that might be a co-worker, a family member, or someone you hire.
And most importantly, don’t feel pressured into being more “productive” by other people (or by books, articles, and blog posts). Yes, it’s good to do meaningful and useful things with your life — but that doesn’t mean you have to cram every single minute with activity. Sometimes, true productivity means taking a break when you need one, or investing time in quality relationships.
Have you got any tips or ideas to share about being more productive by doing less? If so, leave a comment below.

10 Beautiful Words About Love That Don’t Exist in English

10 Beautiful Words About Love That Don't Exist in English
When people talk about love, they often say phrase like “The feeling is indescribable” or “There aren’t the words to express how I feel” which actually, if English is your first language couldn’t be more accurate.
So now when you’re overcome with emotion and don’t know what to say – here’s 10 phrases that are going to help.
Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan, an indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego): The wordless yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to start.
Yuanfen (Chinese): A relationship by fate or destiny. This is a complex concept. It draws on principles of predetermination in Chinese culture, which dictate relationships, encounters and affinities, mostly among lovers and friends.
Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese): The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone’s hair.
Retrouvailles (French):  The happiness of meeting again after a long time.
Ilunga (Bantu): A person who is willing to forgive abuse the first time; tolerate it the second time, but never a third time.
La Douleur Exquise (French): The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.
Koi No Yokan (Japanese): The sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall into love.
Ya’aburnee(Arabic): “You bury me.” It’s a declaration of one’s hope that they’ll die before another person, because of how difficult it would be to live without them.
Forelsket: (Norwegian):  The euphoria you experience when you’re first falling in love.
Saudade (Portuguese): The feeling of longing for someone that you love and is lost. Another linguist describes it as a “vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist.”

Monday, November 12, 2012

if a person loves U,

U shuld be thankful.... to that person.

U Know why ?


there's a lot of people who... love that person.. more than U.


still that person ..choose to love U ?

if a person loves U,
U shuld be thankful.... to that person.
U Know why ?

there's a lot of people who... love that person.. more than U.
still that person ..choose to love U ?


Saturday, November 10, 2012

When I Say I Love You,
Please Believe It's True.
When I Say Forever,
Know I Will Never Leave You.
When I Say Goodbye,
Promise Me You Won't Cry.

Cause The Day I'll Be Saying
That Is That Day I Die.