Friday, November 16, 2012

Love is the light of all lights,
Guiding our poor, weary souls to the warmth of home.
It is the soft light of the new dawn,
A beauty ending the darkness of doubt and despair.
It is the soft caress of moonlight,
That blessed celestial power that poets sing of.
Perhaps it is a flame
A fire that burns the heart of the young and old alike.
It forgives that which only the heart can,
It does not taunt, nor laugh at pain, or misfortune.
A sweet kiss is it’s commerce, a touch its law.
Love never ends, but goes on eternally.
Death is no hindrance of love, it endures beyond all.
It is the fruit of life, God’s greatest gift to man,
For Adam was given Eve.
It parts the clouds of hate with joy.
Perhaps it is the ocean that crashes against the shores,
Or the shore itself, sometimes rough, but always home.
Maybe it is the tears a new mother cries,
Or the words lovers whisper when they are alone.
It triumphs against all odds against it.
Love is sincerity, serene and pure.
It is the hope of mankind, the light in the darkness...