Friday, September 14, 2012

Each night as she preparesto meet her nameless lovers...She paints herself the colors of carnalityInvents the seductive smile,Draws hungry sensuality onto the lidsof jaded, saddened eyes.A critical glimpse in the mirroras she smoothies on blood red lips,moistening them with the tip of herwell-practiced tongue and she's ready;her night has already begun.The first few years were easyher youthful creamy skin, rounded and tempting...flashing eyes and easy laughter broughtthem all to her side for a taste ofthat exuberant life-giving glow.(This was back in the days when shebelieved all they said and she wasstill dazzled by champagne promisespaid for by the heated loins of men...)She laughs now at her reflectionwipes a tear from the corner of her eyeand adjusts her bodice over breasts that(she notices with a hitch of her breath)will never suckle a babe and soare still firm and proud...Behind her the door opens inward and HEsteps in two sets of all-knowing eyes meetin the mirror...she arches an eyebrow andsays, low and throaty~'Tonightis....' her voice trails off'Not my usual night?' he seems to bepleading and suddenly through a floodof angry lust------she feels Power flow thick andhot and deep between her thighs inplaces now only tended to forher customer's sake....she feelsdesperately wet and creamy.'You will sit down NOW!' she says,gracefully rises and delicatelypours something to relax them both~Long, glassy nails gripping the stemof the snifter...'You saw fit to break our rulesand now you'll play by mine,' shesmiles at him gently as sheremoves his tie and pushes himback in his chair with one silken-cladfoot~'My darling' he breathed....gulpingdeep droughts of air as he hardenedand thickened at the sight of HER so beautiful ~so commanding, so unlike their usualgames.....'Please?''No, my handsome prince, let me tellyou how it really is!' She beggedwith her tired eyes... now the littlecrinkles showing at the corners wherethe paint had sunk too deep...She can read the truth in the grip of hislong, strong fingers on the arm of the chair;she can see her own true beautyreflected matter thepoignancy of the years...And then, that amazing Powerflooded up and her reality bloomedfrom her slowly peeling, painted lips.'You have been a very bad boy,' she moans.'Lying to me all these years?The answer is in your eyes...howdare you let me want' (she gasps,a twinge deep between her legs)'and need' (as another tremorbegins...a feeling long ago forgotten)'Please my dear,' his hungry eyesdevouring her still firm, fabulous thighswhich had gripped his hips so often in the past...His lips following his eyes as hedared to lay hands on this divine creaturehe loved in painful silence now, for years...Looking down slowly she meltedinto his hungry embrace,'It can never be like this again, my dear...'she said as she came to him wetand willing like times long forgotten...Pleading, begging her with those desperate eyeshe gratefully enfolded her in his arms,pulled her close,a flutter of her shadowed lids, atorn, gasping breath ~ and hewas sheathed deep inside hernewly awoken, vibrating body...'Dear God, my love,' she moanedand already he could feel her aroundhim, denied desires floodingout of her and anointing his loins with her love...AND, as she smoothed her fingers overthat face she'd always loved...she felt the splash of life from himdeep in the back of her womband knew...'If only'....this timeit would have been a new life...(But there's always something thathappens when a love storybegins to come true.)His eyes closed, head leaning intoher soft, delicate hands..'My darling, will you finally let metake you away?'