Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 5 romantic first kisses

Top 5 romantic first kisses

1.    In the rain
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Kissing in the rain can be very romantic, and in England we all know we barely go a week without rain. Why not try perfectly timing walking your date home when it’s forecasted to rain.
2.     While watching a movie

If kissing in the rain isn’t your thing or it isn’t raining, your first kiss while watching a movie can be just as passionate. Whether it’s in the cinema or at home, this can be another way to get those sparks flying.

3.    On the beach

Another perfect location for your first kiss, all you have to do is take them to the seafront and wait for the sun to set.

4.    Go for a walk
After being out together whether it’s the cinema or dinner go for a stroll together, this can always be a good way to talk and it can be very romantic for your first kiss.

5.    On a night out
f you’ve been dating for a while and neither of you have plucked up the courage to make the first move, once you’ve got a few drinks in you it’s bound to happen. It may not be quite as romantic, but be completely sure you both want it first!