Friday, March 2, 2012

Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Kiss Me At The Beach

How to Kiss a Girl and Blow Her Mind With Pleasure

So you want to know how to kiss a girl and have her knees buckle? I will lead you in this article in accelerating your skills as a kisser.

Most men have not taken the time to study the fine art of kissing a woman. 

To establish the foundation on how to kiss your girl and really blow her mind with the experience, first use touch to progressively gauge whether your woman is ready to kiss you.

If you can move smoothly and tenderly in stroking her hair, neck, and ears, then she is more than likely ready to kiss you.

Enjoy the sensations that you are masterfully bringing her so that you can take hours to just enjoy each other so that when the kiss happens, the build up and sizzling electricity will be that much more amazing.

After you have created the foundation of physical comfort through touch, create the special moment of the kiss by touching her cheeks gently and guiding her face toward you.