Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Are The Top Lies Men Tell Women?

You're the Most Beautiful Woman I've Ever Seen

No, you're not. He might honestly think you are beautiful, but he's seen someone more beautiful if he's seen any TV or movies. But this is an innocent white lie meant to make you feel good, so let's give him a pass on this one.

We’ll Talk About It Later

This is usually code for "I don't want to talk about it ever." He's hoping that by the time that "later" comes around you will have forgotten about the subject, or at least won't be as angry.

I Love Your Cooking

This is another one of those white lies that men tell women to spare their feelings. Imagine what would happen if a man told you that the dinner you made tasted horrible. Aren't you glad most men lie about this now?

I Never Think of/Look at Other Women

Let's face it, men are instinctual creatures and they are going to look at and think about other women sometimes. It doesn't mean they don't love you and aren't devoted to you only. But if they see a woman with big breasts walk by, it isalmost impossible for them not to at least glance at them. Try not to give your man a hard time about this unless he stares and drools.

I Don’t Watch Porn

Almost all men watch porn of some sort, so if your man tells you that he never watches it, chances are he is lying. Again, just because he watches porn doesn't mean that you aren't enough for him. It is a natural act that most men do. As long as it is only an occasional thing that isn't running his life or your sex life, give him a break and don't make him feel bad.

No, You Don't Look Fat

Women, you are just asking your men to lie to you about this one. You try on an outfit and you ask your man if it makes you look fat. What else is the man to do but say "no," whether it is a lie or not? How would you react if he actually told you the truth?

I’ll Call You

Men who frequent clubs or similar venues might use this lie a lot because it's easier and seems nicer than just turning the girl down to her face. This one is also used after what the man believes to be a one night stand when it is clear the woman doesn't have the same idea. Rest assured she will soon figure that out when the poor woman never receives that call
.Man with face in his hands

I Love You

Some players will even go so far as to lie about loving a woman just to get her into bed. This isn't to say that all men who say they love you are lying to get you in the sack, but there are some despicable cads out there who will sink this low just for some sex, so be careful ladies!

My Phone Was on Silent

While this is of course a possible reason for why they didn't answer your call, many men use this excuse for simply ignoring your call because they don't want to talk to you. This doesn't mean they don't like you, but men don't like to chat as much as women do. If you call when they are busy playing video games online or watching the big sports game, they simply can't be interrupted to answer a phone call!

I'm Sorry

Often a man will realize that an argument will never end unless he says he's sorry, whether he means it or not and whether he intends to change his behavior in the future or not. To them the word may be meaningless and simply a way to end the argument so they can get on with their lives. Unfortunately, you ladies have the task of determining if a man is actually sorry or just wants to go play Call of Duty.